Carnegie Choir download page on Geoffrey's DROPBOX

No password or username required.

The recordings are in MP3 format and can be transferred to your computer, iTunes, iPhone, iPod, whatever.

SPECIAL NOTE: Printing Sheet music straight from the images of the PDFs you see on the website is not a great idea! Bits of the pages may get chopped off, things like that.
(Printing straight from a web browser often yields inaccurate results)
It is best to download the PDF file to your desktop FIRST, as you do with the MP3s, and THEN print from there. Ask me if you still have a problem.

EXTRA NOTE:  If the file is larger than usual, it may take longer to load. (rotating blue icon etc) But you don’t need to “see it” (meaning completely load it) before you begin the download.
Just go to the blue ‘download’ button as usual, and download it to your desktop.
THEN, print it from there.