When you follow the Dropbox link below, you'll see a simple white web page with folder icons with song titles that you click on (just like 'Explorer' windows on your computer.)

You may be asked to join up to Dropbox - No need to do that - You should be able to cancel out of that window and get to the files. (Experienced logged in Dropbox users may be able to transfer the files straight to their own accounts)

In each song folder you'll see MP3 and PDF files ready for download.
You may also see a TXT file with special practice advice for that song - WORTH READING!

HINT: Once you have reached the choir's download folder, bookmark the page in your browser, and you can link straight back there next time.

The files are listed alphabetically. If you need to identify the latest version of something, look for the time reference in the "modified" column.

To download a file, click on the file name, then click on the blue DOWNLOAD button.
Depending on your browser and its settings, the file will be downloaded to a dedicated folder on your computer or you may be asked for a location on your computer.
Make a note of that location!
For certain file types, you may see a preview of the contents of the file.   

 NB: If you can't see the full names of everything, you can change the view.
Look for the little symbol way over to the far right of "Sorted by name"
Change it from the 3 little lines to the 4 'boxes'

OK. Got all that? Let's go there: (click the logo)
(NB: The page may take a while to fully load)