The Carnegie Choir Google Group

In the past, choir members kept in touch by using REPLY ALL to CC'd messages from committee and other members. We have had issues with members changing email addresses and falling off that 'list'. Sometimes members did a REPLY ALL to an old message that had out of date addresses and / or information. By using the Google Group, it will be much easier for us to make sure everybody gets Choir messages and to keep email addresses up to date. 

How it works:
Nothing much will change actually. As before you can hit REPLY to messages from the choir,
but you'll see only ONE address in the TO field:

When you send a NEW email to this group address, ALL choir members will get your message. Simple! (Save the address in your contacts) It's like an automatic ' CC', if you will.

When you REPLY to any message FROM the group address, all members will receive that reply. 
(You should receive a confirmation copy of the message you sent)

All NEW and REPLY messages sent via the Group address will be marked clearly in the subject field of the email: [Carnegie Choir Google Group]

NB: When changing the topic of a conversation,
PLEASE change or delete the old SUBJECT of the email (especially if it is misleading!
Why?   Once, a very old message with the subject "Rehearsal cancelled tonight" was forwarded as a message about something else altogether, on a Wednesday, and we lost a few singers that night who thought the message was a new one! - This happened again TWICE the other day!

You can make a PERSONAL REPLY to a message sent to the google group.
In the ‘from field’ (showing who it was who wrote to you) you should see something like this: "; on behalf of;"
So if you don't have that persons address on file already, you can extract the address from there.

For the moment, to keep it simple, we are keeping this as an email only based group,
so please ignore links to the Google group website in any messages.

Geoffrey will be using the Google Group address for all public choir email
(news of new recordings and sheet music and what to practice for next week etc)

You can still write to members privately as before. Just use their personal address.
We will be distributing a personal phone  / email list soon

Do you have more than one email address?
Recently, a choir member tried to write to the new choir address from a different email address than the address we had registered for them. When that happens, the message will probably be knocked back. If you think that is something you a likely to need to do in the future (eg an quick emergency email from your work computer) we can add more than one authorised address for you. Just let me know.

Changing your email address?
Write to or Geoffrey / one of the committee.