Rehearsal Diary - 'What to practice for next week' -
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28/2/18  Let's revisit those first 2 pages of "God only knows" and maybe have another look at that "Downtown" section of the medley. And see if we can get the new people to learn some of the parts for "opportunity"
7/3/18 Section rehearlsals:
"God only knows": we did a very good job of learning that repeated section from about bar 43-50. I was going to suggest that we continue to work "backwards". Perhaps have a look at what happens at bar 23 just after the little weird instrumental break leading up to that repeated section which we have learned already. Even if you can just navigate your way through it and see where your part fits in. There is quite a lot of interweaving there. The soprano part is pretty easy, but there is quite a bit of fooling around for the altos on the basis. See if you can practice with your part recording and get the hang of it. That'll help us for the next time we meet.
As well as that, try going through all of "up on the roof-downtown”