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CONCERT RUNNING ORDER - 4th December 2019

1 Let It Go

2 God Only Knows

3 Moon River

4 Something Stupid

5 Fields Of Gold

6 Longest Time

7 Dedicated To The One I Love

8 Eriskay Love Lilt

9 If I Fell / You Know If You Break My Heart

10 Somebody To Love

11 Like A Prayer

12 Way Over Yonder


New Songs
An Eriskay Love Lilt - Scottish Folk Song
The Longest Time - Billy Joel
You Know If You Break My Heart - The Beatles
If I Fell in love with you - Beatles

Existing songs from 2018 we are keeping in the repertoire for the time being:
(from last year’s concert)

Way Over Yonder - Carole King
Let It Go - Ben Leske / Michael Leunig
Dedicated To The One I Love - Mamas & The Papas
God Only Knows - Beach Boys

Revivals from past years:

Somebody To Love - Queen
Something Stupid - Frank and Nancy Sinatra
Like A Prayer - Madonna
Fields of Gold - Sting
Moon River - Andy Williams