Section rehearsals. (First Wednesday of each month - see Choir calender)

A section rehearsal is when all the people who sing one part (eg the baritones)
get together and run through their parts, without the rest of the choir, usually in a member's home. It is also a great social opportunity to get to know other choir members and maybe have a few drinks!

Some advice:
1. Let me know in advance if you'd like me to make some special recordings for you.
Eg "I think we altos all need to go through that tricky bit from bar 32-to 50 quite a few times. I can make a special 'sock darning' recording for you to use on the night, that just goes over and over that bit.

2. Make sure you have a good loud sound system for playing the backing tracks. The tracks need to be loud enough so that you can still hear the recording over the sound of all your voices singing together.
3. If any of you have piano playing skills, and you feel confident enough to play over any difficult bits, get hold of our portable electric keyboard, if the host of the event doesn't have a keyboard / piano.
4. Obviously I suggest you play through your section part recording of each song,
but please make sure you eventually have a go at singing the part with the “ALL PARTS’ recordings.
I know this is something many of you don’t feel confident doing at home,
but with other voices there it is a great opportunity to see if you can hold to your part
with the ALL PARTS recordings.
In doing so, you simulate regular rehearsal night conditions.
Otherwise, you may stay stuck in that “I can sing it fine on my own but as soon as the other parts are there, I can’t do it.“
It is essential to eventually break through that barrier, and a good time to try it is when other voices are there to help you along! Then you can try the ‘all parts’ recordings at home with more confidence!

5. I suggest that you go through one of the songs, maybe three or four times, have a break,
try a different song, and maybe return to the one you sang before. Research has shown that we learn something better when we do it in small doses, with breaks in between, and then return to the same exercise.
4. Perhaps appoint a scribe to make notes for me about what happened:
What worked? What didn't work? Did you find special problem areas?
Do you have any requests for special recordings:
(eg “Could we have a recording of our part at verse 3 but really slow?”)
5.  Wine and cheese is essential! This is a great opportunity to get to know the other people in your section