What is this "sock darning" that Geoffrey is always going on and on about?

It is a reference to a timesaving way of practising a difficult bit.

Sometimes, a musician will have a problem with just a certain part of a song.
Rather than waste time doing the whole song over and over again, it can be valuable to JUST that difficult bit over and over again. Hence the term that I use called "sock darning"

If you're darning a hole in a sock, you just darn over where the hole is, not the whole thing!
Most of the recordings I make for you are recordings of the whole song all the way through.
That means you don't have much choice but to always start from the beginning, unless you know how to loop part of the recording in your playback software.
('Looping' means repeating one small part of a recording  over and over again)

So, upon your request, I can make a recording for you that simulates what I would do if I had to work on a difficult part in a song. I make a recording, that usually starts a few bars before the difficult bit, so that you can "get into it", and fade out at the end of the difficult bit, and repeat it, perhaps three or four times. It helps you focus on just that difficult bit!

Feel free to write to me and request a special sock darning recording just for you.

E.g. "Can you make a recording of "XXX-song" - just the soprano bit, from bar 23 to 35?


"Can you also make a recording of the same thing, but with the alto part as well, so I can get used to singing my soprano part against the alto part?"

And the answer is yes! - The way I make these recordings on the computer, once the whole song is in the computer, it is a relatively quick and easy to pick out certain sections, in various combinations, and repeat them. Just email me with your 'sock darning' requests!