Getting copies of Australian Divorce documents
If you have been married before, I will need to see original 'Full' divorce documents for the previous marriage (or just the last marriage if more than one)

(If the divorce is from years ago, you may have received 2 separate Divorce documents: a 'Decree Nisi' and a final 'Decree absolute'.   It is the Absolute one I need to sight. With more recent divorces only ONE document is issued indicating the FULL or Absolute divorce)

If you are unsure whether you have the right document, we are looking for the date when the full divorce was processed / became absolute, or words to that effect. If the document states that, then you have the right one!
If you don't have divorce papers, you will need to get an official copy from the issuing court
that processed the divorce and holds the documents.

For Victorian divorces:

If you were divorced in Victoria before 1976, contact the Supreme Court of Victoria

If you were divorced in Victoria between 1976 and 2003, contact the Family Law Courts

If you were divorced in Victoria from 2004 onwards,
contact the Federal Circuit Court of Australia

For other Australian States - links above may tell you where to go.
If divorced overseas, start with local Consulates / embassies in Australia or the foreign country.