I am fully authorised to perform marriages in Australia
and I am available for all kinds of other celebrations and rituals!
- Since 2001
- Melbourne Area (and Rural Victoria - by arrangement)

Available for ceremonies at ALL TIMES, including week-day / weekends.
Yes! even a Goth wedding at 3am - Been there - Done that - Loved it!

Marriage ceremonies can be as simple or as unusual as you like. Be creative!
They don't have to mimic the style and words of church weddings or the ceremonies you see in the movies. You can get married anywhere in Australia, at any time, and in any way you wish, with or without religious components (It's ok to have religious elements in a civil wedding ceremony if you wish.)
Legally, there are a small number of things that must be done, and certain words must be said, but that's all! You can be as creative as you want after that, or just keep it simple!
Some examples of simple / unusual ceremonies I have performed


Getting Married in Australia. What's the procedure?   

About me......
Choosing a marraige celebrant is a very personal thing.
I always suggest that people don't choose a celebrant until they have sat down, 'face to face' with them, and got a 'feel' for them.  A phone conversation can give you a pretty good idea about someone, and a web site is useful too, but face to face is best. I am always happy to have a face-to-face introductory meeting first before you choose me to be your celebrant for the big day.
It is important that you feel comfortable, relaxed and 'right' with your celebrant.

Just to get you started:
Here's a few informal thoughts on my background and my approach to it all:
I have been an authorised marriage celebrant for about 17 years, but I think I first got involved with ceremonies and weddings at the age of 15, earning $10 for handing out Orders of Service and sweeping up the confetti after the wedding ceremonies at the local church where my family attended every Sunday. I graduated later to playing the organ for weddings. The money got better.

Since then, as a professional keyboard player-musician and singer / actor / reader, I have been closely involved in the planning and performing of many weddings, ceremonies and other ritual events over the years. I have spent most of my life working in theatre, and in some ways, ceremonies are very similar to theatre, requiring many of the skills a performer learns over the years. My performance skills mean that I have a good clear voice and I will be heard clearly in all environments, (Readings will be delivered in a lively way and with appropriate panache if necessary.)

However, when it comes to your ritual, the piece of 'theatre' we will devise together is a very personal one-off experience. It is important that it be tailored to your needs and the vision you have for this special event in your lives. I am well-equipped to 'stage-manage' new or unusual rituals as part of a ceremony. I usually know, in practical terms, what will work and what will not work, and what is required by the celebrant to make an unusual ritual work; in other words, the preparation and practicalities of 'staging' an event.  Civil ceremonies are a relatively new phenomenon in our culture, and as a society we are still working out how to 'do' them, establishing our own traditions and practices. 

Being imaginative and trying something new
is the most exciting part of planning a ceremony!

Regarding weddings: The best thing about a civil wedding ceremony compared to a religious one is that, except for a few specific legalities that must be performed a certain way, you have complete freedom to devise whatever ceremony you like!

Creatively, I am used to devising my own personalised events as a professional performer, so my style tends to reflect that approach - constantly looking for the personal touches in each ceremony that will have resonance for YOU, the other participants, and your guests.

Personalizing a ceremony is everything!

My standard fee for a ceremony includes:

1. At least one face to face meeting, (about 2 hours)
2. More short meetings as necessary.
3. Email / phone consults as necessary.
4. For a wedding: the processing of the 'NOIM' - "Notice Of Intention To Marry"
- the form that has to be signed a month before the wedding ceremony)
and the processing of all forms and legalities after the ceremony.
5. My presence on the day of course, presenting and guiding your personalised ceremony.
NB: If the ceremony location is more than 15 kilometres from my home,
a fee for travel may be charged at 68c per kilometre.
Please feel free to phone or email for further info, fees etc.
I'm happy to just chat informally about your ceremony ideas and advise you!