Some Useful links:

Can't find your birth certificate?
Victorian Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages

 Not in Victoria?   Other State registries.

Easy Weddings
Can't find your divorce documents?
British Humanist Association
Especially suitable for those who want an entirely or mainly nonreligious ceremony.
I have many of their publications
The poems of  'Rumi'
Hand fasting  (an explanation ' history' etc.)
A pagan styled one, but it can be performed in a more simple 'straighter' way.
Hindu Wedding traditions
Phrase Finder - Looking for that quote for the speech?
Also, The Quotations Page and
'Wise Old Sayings'
Relationships Australia is an organisation that offers resources to couples,
individuals and families to help enhance and support relationships.

Lifeworks -Relationship counselling, courses

The Wedding Directory
Exhaustive List of Wedding Services
All states of Australia and New Zealand

Wedding Guide a UK site  - -some good advice here.
Weddings Guide's Poems and readings Page -
Large selection of reasonably conservative historical material here.
Weddings music at ' 
-A little gooey, but it might remind you of that favourite song!
They produce handy name-change kits
and other useful wedding goodies -
wedding planners, even Legal Will kits