The Famous 'NOIM ' 'Notice of Intention to Marry'

This is the form that must be completed and lodged with me at least one month
and no more than eighteen months before the intended date of your marriage.
The best way to 'preview' this form is to download this PDF version
If using the PDF version, the personal information can be filled in by you and your partner
in advance and brought to your first meeting. I then type that info into some
Celebrant software that prints it out all nice and neat!

Quick Summary of most important info required to sign the 'NOIM':

The 'NOIM' can be signed without all the information being given,
but the missing info should be provided as soon as possible afterwards.

Bride and Groom: Your full name, occupation, address. Birthplace.

A birth certificate (if born overseas, a foreign passport may be acceptable);

If previously married and divorced, a decree absolute of the divorce (NOT just Nisi)
If divorced in Australia, this is obtained from the Family Court of Australia

If previously married and your partner has died,
I will need to see an original death certificate.

If applicable, number of previous marriages, and number of children and D.O.B of each. 

Other Info required: (See info on this in the NOIM 'Notes' 1# on page 2)

Full names of parents. including mother's maiden-name and country of birth of both.

The Statutory Declaration
This must be signed and appropriately witnessed before the wedding can take place,
usually in the two weeks before the ceremony.

(This Stat Dec is not the usual Stat Dec form, but is printed on the back of the marriage certificate that we all sign on the day of the ceremony Not much info required, just full name. It is all about you declaring that you are of marriageable age and that you are not already married (or know of any other impediment etc.)  I must do the witnessing for the Stat Declaration, (i.e. not the Chemist, as is usual with Stat Decs.)