Examples of unusual and or simple ceremonies - 'Look outside the box'

The Backyard

A couple wanted a wedding at home (partly to save money!) Everybody was invited for a Saturday afternoon picnic in the back yard of their home. All the guests were asked to bring picnic rugs, chairs, eskys, and food. All the picnic rugs were set up in the back yard surrounding a central area where an awning had been set up for the bridal couple, who reclined in splendour in armchairs like Royalty! As all the guests tucked into their lunches (which they shared around) certain friends who had been asked to provide a ‘course’ of a meal for the couple, fed them there and then on the spot. Everybody made sure their course served to the couple was fabulous; serious competition there! Wonderful entrees from an aunt, main course by the bride’s mother, dessert from another friend etc. After the ‘main course’ the simple wedding ceremony was held under the central awning. Then it was back to the food with desserts etc. As twilight arrived, a band arrived and music and dancing continued under the stars well into the night. The only cost to the couple was the hiring of the band, me, and some party lights!

Afternoon Tea

An elderly couple (a widow and widower) who had met at a nursing home had a small informal ceremony, just the legal requirements, on a wintry Sunday afternoon around the gas fire in the lounge room at the home of one of their children. The couple sat quietly on the lounge, with the grandchildren playing around. Afterwards, we all had a cup of tea and a scone,
and that was it!

Saturday Brunch at home

A Young couple needed to get married in a hurry for immigration reasons, but they still wanted a bit of an ‘event’ We could have met in the kitchen of their flat with the two witnesses (just five of us in all) and done it round the kitchen table, but they invited a few friends over for a light Saturday morning brunch of coffee and croissants. We had brunch, did the simple legal ceremony in the lounge room (just five minutes) then they all went off for lunch at a venue nearby.

The Romantic Hilltop

In the dead of night, on a windy hilltop, about 1:30 am, a young ‘Goth’ couple got married. They had designed their own wedding ceremony, created and performed by a friend with a knowledge of pagan ceremonials, (Candle lighting, smudging, hand-fasting, crystals, etc) I was there as the official celebrant, and subtly intervened for the legally required sections, which were blended carefully with a full Wiccan ceremony.

The Dinner Party

One couple (who were real ‘foodies’) had a small, very intimate wedding as part of a dinner party at home. 12 guests sitting round the table. After the main course, I arrived and sat down at the table with them. We performed the legalities, the couple symbolically shared a glass of wine and fed each other some chocolate, we signed the documents at the table,
and then we all had desert! -