Nathalie and Warren 2008

.....Hi Geoffrey,

We are finally back from our honeymoon and have a chance to respond to your email - thanks so much for confirming all the official stuff. I guess we'll order the legal certificate, although I'm not changing my name!

On a more personal note - I can't thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony you helped us create. We had so much positive feedback from people about how intimate it all felt - they loved the ring warming and the anti-vows in particular.

Even the photographer, who had seen a ceremony or ten, said she loved how personal it all was, and said she was going to remember the ring warming if she ever got married!

I put so much of this down to the hard work you did with us and the advice and expertise you brought to organising the ceremony. If you ever need a reference, or want a testimonial for your website or anything like that, please feel free to use me as I want to spread the word about how great you were! Rest assured should anyone I know get engaged I will tell them to call you forthwith!

Our whole event felt really magic for me - but I know a lot of that was because the ceremony set the scene for a really intimate and personal event......