30 July 2013

I have had the opportunity of seeing Geoffrey Baird twice in his role as a civil celebrant.
He performed the wedding ceremony for my sister Beverley, and her husband Jon,
just over four years ago and, more recently, Geoffrey agreed to act as co-ordinator
and conduct the service at Bev’s funeral.

It is difficult to imagine two more completely different events, one joyful and optimistic;
the other poignant and grieving; but Geoffrey executed both with warmth, sensitivity and professionalism. What struck me on both occasions was the time and effort that Geoffrey expended getting to know the people involved, speaking with them in depth regarding their needs and, if requested, offering suggestions that suited the occasion.

I was particularly impressed with the way he included all the family and close friends
in the organisation of the funeral service. He assisted in arranging the order of the speakers,
appropriate times to include music, photo presentations etc., liaising with the funeral directors and making sure everyone taking part in the service knew what would be happening and when.

To do all this in a short period of time takes a very special person– understanding, perceptive and responsive to people’s needs. Geoffrey is all of these, but he also has a presence and manner that draw people to him. You feel that he is a friend, sharing with you the happiness, or otherwise, of the occasion, rather than someone who is just saying the necessary words.
The success and smooth running of Beverley’s funeral service was largely due to Geoffrey’s support and the confidence he instilled in us. If you require a non-religious funeral service that is both dignified and meaningful, then I would not hesitate in recommending Geoffrey Baird.

Yours faithfully,
Marion Beer