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New! Though published for the Anglican Church, Faithfulness in Fellowship provides important biblical, theological, scientific data and argumentation of relevance to all churches struggling with the issue of homosexuality.

Faithfulness in Fellowship

Reflections on Homosexuality and the Church

Papers from the Doctrine Panel of the Anglican Church of Australia (including Archbishop Peter Carnley, Anglican Primate of Australia)

John Garratt Publishing


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‘We have become acutely aware of the complexities of the issues relating to human sexuality, including the fact that the interpretation of the biblical material is not nearly as straightforward as many of us imagined. We have also become acutely aware of the social tragedy of homophobic reactions to homosexual people in the community, and of difficulties experienced by those charged with the handling of such sensitive matters when the lives of other human persons are involved. One cannot study such a subject without becoming aware of the burden of one’s own misapprehensions and unchallenged prejudice.’

from Preface 


  1. Homosexuality in the Christian Tradition Muriel Porter traces significant changes in Church attitudes and teaching in relation to sexuality: women as lesser creatures…celibacy holier than marriage…contraception as murder…all once held.
  2. Homosexuality and Its Purpose from a Biblical and Theological Perspective John Dunnill's chapter looks at the Bible's understanding of sexuality as a whole, largely bypassing for a moment the specific issue of homosexuality, in order to place that issue in the widest context.
  3. Homosexuality in the Old Testament Although there is less material about homosexuality in the OT, John Dunnill shows that it is more varied than the material in the NT, a factor which must be taken into consideration when assessing meaning and implications.
  4. Homosexuality in the New Testament Glenn Davies concludes that, although the NT doesn't condone any sexual activity outside of marriage, it also 'does not countenance the persecution of homosexuals that arises from homophobia which does not recognise the validity and integrity of homosexuals as men and women made in the image of God.'
  5. Natural Law and Homosexuality Don Edwards and Cathy Thomson 'examine whether -and, if so, in what ways - taking account of natural law contributes to a Christian understanding of homosexuality.'
  6. Science and the Meaning of Homosexuality Sean Mullen reviews scientific research: 'History has taught the Church that she ignores science…at her own peril.'
  7. Friendship (Archbishop) Peter Carnley, the Anglican Primate of Australia calls for all 'to come to a deeper appreciation of the rich spiritual value of genuine friendship and of its great importance to being authentically human.'
  8. Anglican Moral Decision-Making and the Challenge of Same-Sex Unions Scott Cowdell concludes that the blessing of same sex unions can be seen as a valid development in line with Anglican moral sensibility.
  9. Ordination and the Practice of Homosexuality Peter Jensen, considering ordaining homosexuals, argues against.
  10. Starting With the Spirit: A Personal Reflection on Sexuality and Spiritual Gifts Graeme Garrett writes poignantly of the reality of the pain of 'rejection, isolation and condemnation' of one dear to him.


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