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Tony Coady, Val Noone
& Naomi Mayers

When they launch
who is worthy?
and meet Father Ted Kennedy

5.30 pm Friday July 21

SS Peter and Paul Church
375 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne

    and the Australian
      catholic church

Father Ted Kennedy's Who is worthy? is an insightful and provocative book mat challenges the new conservatism in the Australian Catholic Church epitomised by Melbourne's Archbishop George Pell.
Who is Worthy? had its Sydney launch on Palm Sunday when over 700 people packed St Vincent's Church, Redfern where Father Kennedy has been parish priest for the last thirty years.

Father Kennedy examines how the Church in Australia has corrupted the basic teachings of Christ and has become a church of exclusion rather than inclusion. He is angry about what he sees as a dangerous return to the closed mentality which he experienced in his youth. He is concerned about two groups -each marginalised, each oppressed by the church -gay people and Indigenous Australians.

Father Kennedy's plea is for a radical reformation which would return the Church to the original message of the gospels.

" Father Kennedy is the authentic voice of prophecy, a voice seldom heard In the Australian Church. Like all prophets, he is discomforting. The tone is biblical, scholarly, scathing, confrontational, and at times unaffectedly Australian".



ISBN 1 86403 087 9

A personal recommendation
By David McKenna (Past Rainbow Sash Movement president)

Ted Kennedy is a remarkable priest who has carried on a ministry to urban aboriginals in  Sydney for more than 25 years. There has been nothing like his parish community in Redfern anywhere else in Australia.

Ted has now written this book  as a criticism of the response of the Church to the Rainbow Sash and the issues of homosexuality. He bases his analysis and his criticism on the proposition of freedom of conscience, especially as
expounded by Cardinal Newman. His criticism of Archbishop Pell is very blunt and well directed.

Ted has also examined the response of the Church to the injustices inflicted on indigenous people, and found it wanting. The statements of Dr. Pell on this subject are researched and examined.  They evoke a very angry response
from the author.

Tony Coady has described Ted as one of the few authentic prophetic voices in the Church in Australia. He is also very courageous. This is a book that should be read by all  engaged Catholics especially by gay and lesbian  Catholics. At last a notable figure in the Church has taken on Dr. Pell  and is that not long overdue?

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