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The Jubilee Apology

Sash witnesses to 2000 years of suffering 
(Sunday, 19th March, 2000) 
A Voice in the Darkness
Cardinal Mahoney's 'Lenten 2000'Message
I apologize to those individuals, families, and parish communities who have suffered because of clergy sexual abuse, one of the more tragic scourges afflicting the Church in the latter part of the past century. Thorough and firm policies and procedures are in place to deal with misconduct of any kind among our clergy and those in ministry, and I promise to continue our vigilance against violating that needed trust between our people and those who serve them.
I ask pardon of our Catholic homosexual and lesbian members when the Church has appeared to be non-supportive of their struggles or of falling into homophobia. The Archdiocese has tried to make amends by establishing a special outreach ministry to our homosexual and lesbian brothers and sisters, by including them fully in the life of our parishes, and by being attentive to protecting their civil rights.
I wish to express apology for our lack of outreach, lack of sensitivity, and lack of adequate pastoral programs in the past for our divorced and remarried Catholics. Fortunately, great strides have been taken in the Archdiocese to create special support programs for these members, and I pledge our continuing efforts to assist them.
(Archbishop of Los Angeles)

20 purple crosses, drawn on the pavement, called the Church to repentance. Each cross stood for a 100 years of Church oppression of it's Lesbian and Gay members.
35 sash wearers gathered outside the cathedral gates after morning Mass