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 The Rainbow Sash Movement - An International Action for Gay rights and Spiritual freedom!

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Where it all started!

A Site for Out, Spiritually Minded Gay & Lesbian  People & Their Friends.

 "Bringing Our Witness & Challenge into the Heart of the Church"

The Rainbow Sash Movement
is an organization of Gay and Lesbian Catholics, with their families and friends, who are calling for conversion of heart in the Church around its treatment of gay people.

David McKenna

2017: Same-sex marriage? What does the Bible
have to say about it?
Brokeback Mountain ??'
We call all people of goodwill, whether gay or straight, to join us. Become one of us for a day! Wear the Rainbow Sash and call the church to welcome us, to listen to us, to build a future with us! We invite you with your lover, spouse, family and friends.
We invite you to wear the Rainbow Sash and attend Mass with peaceful and quiet dignity in word, attitude and action (this is our sacred space, too, and we claim it with pride and respect) Those who identify as Catholics are encouraged to reverently seek Communion.
All are invited to stand in the pews in silent witness and challenge at this time.


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Straight' people?


  August 31st 2003 Our Action at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne
The Vatican 'APOLOGY'

  (enlarge image
press release

 in Melbourne
2001 :
SYDNEY 2002:

St Pats Melbourne:



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