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We often receive requests for interviews and information from students studying Social welfare, Religious Studies etc.  Please check our site pages thoroughly, and then write to us if you want more information, or you want to ask questions about us. 
We can sometimes make ourselves available for interviews, either face to face or by email.                                                    
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Pages on our website that might be of particular use to students:  
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 More documents on our MEDIA HISTORY PAGE)
July 31st 2003: VATICAN Statement on 'gay marriage' and responses
 A general selection of articles, letters, and other thoughts on the Rainbow Sash
 Ivan  answers some questions from a Catholic student from Adelaide
 Where and how did the Rainbow Sash Movement start?   (What is the meaning of the logo?)
 Why don't Gay people go and start their own church?
 The  Rainbow Sash protest about Youth suicide 
 What does the Roman Catholic Church officially teach about homosexuality in the Catechism?
(The Catechism is the official 'rule book' of the church.)
 Is the Rainbow Sash Movement just for Catholic people?
 Are 'Straight'  (non Gay) people involved with Rainbow Sash? 
Why do Rainbow Sash People 'disrupt' the Mass?
Is the Church responsible for homophobia and gay bashings? 
          SEE:  page on Matthew Shepard   OR...     High Court Justice Michael Kirby quotes! 
Is the Rainbow Sash active in other countries?
'Faithfulness in Fellowship' a collection of papers from the 2001 Anglican Synod dealing with homosexuality and relate topics . Good reading here!   (from John Garrett)
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?           What did Jesus say?
A personal reflection by one of our members, Jan.
Her personal experience of a Sash event
(A more light-hearted view:    THE FAMOUS 'DEAR DOCTOR LAURA LETTER
When did Fundamentalists decide which bits of the Bible  they were going to---  believe?
  They say they believe it all? ----- But do they?
(An excellent, clear and accessible article by Peter Carnley,
Anglican Primate of Australia.- MK)
Download a selection of documents on the Rainbow Sash
Pictures of Rainbow Sash Events
'Of Rainbows and Dinosaurs'   A speech given by Dr Maria Dr Pallotta-Chiarolli
Relevant Roman Catholic Catechism
GAY MARRIAGE?  a different view - Why it works for ALL of us!
 Letter from Mother of a Gay Son
'Brokeback Mountain'
'Martin Luther' Some thoughts on the great Reformer 'I am what I am'
Interview with God after World Trade Centre collapse
"I think my work colleague may be gay. Is it ok to ask?"
"There's a fundamental wrong in letting some people marry"  Sydney Morning Herald March 2007

Stephen Fry's letter to himself: Dearest absurd child
Just who was the young, arrogant and confused man to whom Stephen Fry recently felt compelled to write a long and heartfelt letter? Himself, 35 years ago

  Some Comedy:    GAY QUOTES