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 The Rainbow Sash Movement - An International Action for Gay rights and Spiritual freedom!

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We are 'Everybody' --   We are Gay, Lesbian, 'Straight', Catholic, Non-Catholic


Our Foundational "Letter to the Church" :
  • If our movement arises in other churches,

  • we hope they will write their own foundational letters for inclusion in the Rainbow Sash constitution.

Our Statement :

In wearing the Rainbow Sash  we proclaim that :
  • we are Gay and Lesbian people (and our supporters) who embrace and celebrate our sexuality as a Sacred Gift.
In wearing it we call the churches :
  • to honour the experience and wisdom of Lesbian and Gay people.
  • to enter into dialogue with us.
  • to work with us for justice and understanding.
Together let us seek a new appreciation of human sexuality in all its diversity and beauty.

Our Style of Action :

It is one of silent strength and dignity with reverence.

"This is our sacred space just as much as anyone else's". 
We both respect and claim it. 
We are both peaceful and non-violent in both word and action.

The Rainbow Ritual :

We attend the Church Eucharist or Service in the following way :

  • We put on our sashes during the opening hymn.
  • We participate as church members.
  • We approach the minister/priest, wearing the sash, seeking Holy Communion with other church members.
  • We return to our seats in the event of refusal and silently stand or sit till the end of Communion time.
  • We participate "always" in a peaceful and dignified manner.   more>