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"Is there a place for Non Roman Catholics in
   the Rainbow Sash Movement?"


 (What if I'm not a homosexual either?)

Rainbow Sash Supporters from Other Christian Churches,
Other Faiths, and of No Religious Belief.  
A significant number of people who are not Catholics have proudly worn the Rainbow Sash with us.  We strongly welcome and affirm their involvement, commitment and support. it is important to recognise that the Catholic Church is not an isolated organisation.  It claims, and it has, an influence on Christianity as a whole, on the whole quality of religious faith within our society, and on the laws, practices, policies, structures and ideals of many countries around the world.

In this context, the Rainbow Sash Movement recognizes and welcomes all those who wish to make a peaceful, clear and public statement to the church regarding its teachings, policies, attitudes and actions regarding gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, whether they be Catholics, other Christians, people of other faiths, or people of no religious faith.  All people of goodwill, who embrace the dignified, peaceful and completely non-violent nature of our vision and practice are welcome to join us in standing up within the church.

Concerning Holy Communion:

However, because of the Catholic Church's official rule that only baptised Catholics are entitled to receive the Catholic Eucharist, we only encourage people who identify as Catholics to actually come forward seeking Communion. We include in this invitation those baptised Catholics who may have "left" the church because of issues of justice and sexuality.

 In common with large numbers of Catholics, many of us in the Rainbow Sash Movement strongly question this church policy, however in the formal Rainbow Sash action we want to keep the issues simple and clear, and not confuse them with the complex and emotive issue of inter-communion. We also wish to counter critics who would dismiss us as not being "real Catholics", or as "just angry gay activists".  We are people of faith, courage and integrity. 

Therefore, our invitation to supporters who are not Catholics is to attend Mass with us, to wear the Rainbow Sash with us, to stand in their places in silent witness as we go forward to Communion, to stand with us as we return to our seats, possibly having been refused the Eucharist, and so to make clear their own stance as people who challenge the Catholic Church.

We also look forward to the day when various forms of the Rainbow Sash Movement will develop within other churches and other faiths, and we will have the chance to stand in solidarity with those sisters and brothers in their own communities.

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