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A Reading list:          
Many people often write to us for information about homosexuality and other related issues. We are compiling a reading list. Please offer your suggestions:
Our collection of newspaper articles and  and other writings on this site  

Faithfulness in Fellowship . Reflections on Homosexuality and the Church
Papers from the Doctrine Panel of the Anglican Church of Australia (including Archbishop Peter Carnley, Anglican Primate of Australia) John Garratt Publishing (2001)
      (Though published for the Anglican Church, Faithfulness in Fellowship provides important biblical, theological, scientific data and argumentation of relevance to all churches on the issue of homosexuality-JG)
    (about this book / publishing details)

What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality, Daniel Helminiak.
Publisher?    year?

  This Remarkable Gift: Being Gay and Catholic, Maurice Shinnick. 
(Very good introduction for  Catholics. Author is an Australian priest in Adelaide. 
He also covers some of the biblical issues. -MK)

Christianity Social Tolerance and Homosexuality, by John Boswell
Sucking Sherbert Lemons,  Michael Carson.   First of a series. (Slightly out-of-the-box series of books - (fiction/autobiography) about growing up gay and catholic in Liverpool in England. I think there's three or four in the series - v. good stuff, honest and funny and searing - Nick) 
Vatican Statement:   July 31st 2003:

Praying from the Margins. Gospel Reflections of a Gay Man
Glen O’Brien  Columba Press         aussie availabilty: sales@johngarratt.com.au