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‘Thanks to Tim’
  by Geoffrey Baird
Geoff responds to Tim's email, a biblically based criticism of Gay people and the Rainbow Sash.

  (What Jesus said about homosexuality)
Tim, thanks for your e-mail.
Yours is the the first critical e-mail we have received. I suppose  that is a good thing in itself.

Now.. I wonder whether you really would want to live in a world that took its values entirely from the Old Testament.? I suspect not.

    Is the vengeful God of the Old Testament the one you serve, or is He a God of Love? What of the murders, massacres, hatred, etc all done apparently in God's name or, if you read the O.T. literally as you want to do,  sometimes actually instigated by Him?
 Have you chosen to forget this?
    Look, I used to be a conservative Evangelical Christian. I know all the arguments. I also know that many Christians of good heart, great generosity and great love, take the bible very literally, but that love forces them to do so selectively. They have to;  if they are to be civilised creatures. The barbarians of the Old Testament, are not the people of this millennium. God clearly loved them as they were as he gradually revealed himself to them, but if 'the law' is to be fulfilled, we can't go backwards!
(Evangelicals also like to leave out bits in the NT such as the teachings about women being silent in Church and keeping their heads covered.)
    But seriously, who decides what is 'OK' in the Bible?
It is also especially dangerous and even offensive to use such a 'DISNEY' version of the precious scriptures which I hold in great respect.
Translation is everything. Do you know the history of the Bible?  Do you know of the conferences, the corrupt Popes, and great many peoples who decided at various points in history what would stay in The Bible and what would not, and how key passages were to be translated from the original languages? - 'THE BIBLE' has not existed on 'tablets of stone' unchanged for centuries, you know!
    It has been a flowing changing poetic work of great beauty, not some stilted rule-book.
Many evangelicals choose to forget this too.

 I suspect you will tell me that we must have faith that 'THE BIBLE' as we know it is in fact God's unchanging Word.

Well, 'by their fruits shall ye know them'  ---  the judgemental attitudes, the lack of love, the torture, the pain, the hatred, that all comes from such strict literal translations IS the 'fruit'   There is no love in that!
    Oh, yes!  and by the way, I assume that if your brother dies you will have sex with his wife to ensure the blood-line?? (Good O.T. teaching there!)
And have a concubine? 
How many did Saul and David have?

That's in the Old Testament too you know.

--- You have not thought this through.