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  Media Article

‘Gay People challenging the Church’
   (Melbourne Star Observer, 5th June, 1998)
  by "A Sash Wearing Atheist"

In his editorial article of the gay and lesbian newspaper, the Melbourne Star Observer,
Lance (a leading member of the gay community) claims the Rainbow Sash Movement
is delusional, trying to follow and belong to a "private" organisation that by its very
nature is against sexual diversity. 
To him sash wearers are as contradictory as the term "Gay Nazis".
 David Barker's  reply:
Does homophobia rob all humans of opportunity and freedom?
Are churches (among other things) powerhouses of homophobia?
Will the 135,000 kids now on Victorian Catholic schools be gay bashers and gay-suicide fodder through enforced ignorance and cultivated fear?
Does it have to be this way?
Can challenge from within be a powerful way of changing institutions?
Are small jobs the only ones worth doing? 
Can sash wearing change the world? 
Who knows, but it's already achieved more than resigned cynicism ever did. 
I'll keep a sash warm for you.


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