Some useful documents for STUDENTS and FRIENDS

Vowel substitution and the famous  'X' vowel   (neutral vowel) 
 (PDF version)

LABAN for Singers / Actors / Presenters  
"Don't just stand there!" 
A technique for engaging the whole body while singing / performing / presenting. 
Some documents: (Best to use these in conjunction with personal work with me)

-A suggested 'LABAN' process (PDF version)

- A list of LABAN 'actions'   (PDF version)

English as she is spoke!
You may heard me talk about 'Singlish'-- that strange 'dialect' of English that singers use to make the words of English sound 'right' when you sing them, extending vowels and words for much longer than when you normally speak them, and often you even have to sing something else for the audience to 'hear' the original word. It means analysing English more than you have done before, especially diphthongs, ligatures, etc, and dealing with the fact the English is rarely pronounced as it is spelt!   Remember the neutral vowel?  -- Try This Fun 'Test'

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Something a little quirky. Around about the 1940's, Frank Sinatra co-wrote a singing tutor called "Tips on popular Singing" It is a little simplistic and a bit 'hokey', but interesting. Very nicely scanned from an obviously old and well-loved yellowing copy.  (I have a print-out of it available for borrowing)