Some Silly Musical terms!

Obbligato             being forced to practice
Con Moto             yeah baby, I have a car
Allegro                 a little car
Metronome           short, city musician who can fit into a Honda Civic
Lento                    the days leading up to Easto
Largo                    beer brewed in Germany or the Florida Keys
Piu Animato          clean out the cat's litter box
Interval                  time to meet the other players at the bar
Perfect Interval       when the drinks are on the house
Cantabile                 singing while drunk
Con Spirito              drunk again
Colla Voce               this shirt is so tight I can't sing
Improvisation          what you do when the music falls down
Prelude                    warm-up before the clever stuff
Flats                         English apartments
Chords                     things organists play with one finger
Discords                 things that organists play with two fingers
Suspended Chords    useful for lynching the vocalist
Syncopation              bowel condition brought on by an overdose of jazz
                                           (HORNISTS, TAKE NOTE!)
Time Signatures       things for drummers to ignore
Virtuoso                   a person who can work wonders with easy-play music
Professional             anyone who can't hold down a steady job
Melody                    an ancient, now almost completely extinct art in songwriting