What is "sock darning"

When you are darning a sock, you only stitch over the hole; back and forward, you don't bother with the rest of the sock that is okay!     (For those less domestically aligned: If you noticed a slightly dull spot on the hood of your vintage Rolls Royce in the garage, you would probably just polish that particular area; you wouldn’t redo the whole thing!)

When you are practising one of your songs using the personalised recording I’ve made for you, you may discover that there is one particular section that you are not getting quite right.

When there is a problem with a section of a song and something goes wrong, I have noticed that many students just start again and end up making the same error. If I was there with you at home, I would play just that section over and over for you until you got it right.

But if you’re at home with just the recording I’ve made for you that can be tricky, unless you know how to very carefully play just one section of your rehearsal recording over and over. (Some media players have a “looping button” - look for it.)

So to save some time, and help you get those tricky parts right, and faster, you can request a “sock darning?” rehearsal recording.

“Hey Geoffrey, can I have a sock darn recording of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with just that tricky bit near the end? Starting from “If happy little bluebirds fly”? And maybe a bit slower? And with my part played really loud?”   
(Or what other variation you think might help - you can ask for my advice)

Just give me a very clear indication of what you want, either the lyrics, as in the example above, or even a time cue from the original recording I have already made for you.

“Can I have from 1.15 to 1.45?"

I then make a recording of the section you want, maybe repeated a number of times,
with a short gap in between, but it’s all one recording.
The recording will “make you” practice that difficult section over and over again.
Saves a lot of time!