What do I bring to my first session?

It is best if you give me a call or email and we can talk about 'where you are' with singing and what is inspiring you to want to sing. I'll make suggestions about what to bring based on that conversation. (See Contact)

Some more info for beginners:

I know that the first session can be a bit scary. I will make sure that you feel safe and protected and as comfortable as possible at all times during your first sessions. We will progress at a rate that suits YOU! A supportive safe environment is assured! (This IS NOT a reality TV show!)

For me, the goal of the first session is just to hear how your voice is 'right now', so it can be useful if you have a 'familiar' song ready that you can sort of sing 'a bit' of; it doesn't have to be the whole thing, just something or part of something that is reasonably familiar to you. Feel free to bring any CDs / iTunes tracks on your phone that you may have been singing along with at home in the shower, the car -- whenever.
Any song or part of a song will do. I have had beginners at their first session sing just one line of a familiar song; that's fine! It can even be song from childhood or school: 'Happy Birthday' - 'Mary had a little lamb' - 'Amazing Grace'  --- anything!

We can take the smallest of steps along the way if necessary!  

The priority will ALWAYS be that you feel as 'safe' as possible
as we gently proceed to finding your voice.

As an exercise, it might be a good idea to write down and bring a list of songs that: 'I MIGHT like to sing if I knew I couldn't fail!' Don't think about whether they sound too hard or anything, just write them down. Feel free to fantasize!! And don't worry: I won't MAKE you sing them! This is more about me getting a sense of what style of songs you prefer to learn. If you can't think of anything, just listen to the music around you for a while - your favourite radio station - you'll hear something! or else have a look at your iTunes playlists or CD collection; you'll probably get some ideas there too. Have a look at my YouTube channel too

Complimentary rehearsal recordings
To help you learn quickly, and get your money’s worth, I will make complimentary practice recordings for you to work with at home.
It will be a little bit like having me on the piano in the corner at home working with you!
I will make recordings of me playing the song on the piano, (or a multi-instrument backing track) with the notes you have to sing played loudly on top, so you can really hear them.

Practice them every day, or whenever you can, and you’ll learn the songs really quickly!

Yes, you can sing them in the car, but be careful!
It is probably not a good idea to listen to them when you’re still learning the song, but once you know the song pretty well, and you want to go over and over it again just to keep it in your head, there is no reason why you couldn’t sing along with it in the car, but keep it safe.
Don’t get distracted!
Singing in the car is fine to just check that you know the words, and you still have the tune in your head. More subtle aspects of vocal technique cannot be practised in the car. They require you to be standing and giving full concentration.

More info on the FAQ-  costs / location etc.