Can you teach me to sing? How long will it take before I sound any good?

It can be tricky to give a simple answer to these sorts of questions as it depends on what ‘sing’ means to you. To some people, if it ain't as good as Barbra Streisand / Pavarotti (whoever) – it’s absolutely awful! Meaning they have a very high expectation of what 'sing' means to them.

Others, if they can sing AT ALL and it is vaguely recognisable as a tune, are as happy as they can be! So the answer to these questions all depend on your personal expectations.

How quickly it happens is also a personal thing. This depends on how much time you have to give to it, what type of music you want to sing, and your aptitude for learning in general. (not easy to tell when you start!) Previous musical experience MAY be a factor too, but not as much as people tend to assume!

So all I can usually 'guarantee’ is that I can make you sound better than you do now! Some improvement is usually pretty immediate. I can give you a better idea after we have a session and I hear where you are now.