Students often tell me that one of their goals is to develop 'confidence' with their singing.
What does that mean? Isn't it just a matter of positive thinking?

Beginning singers also often say that it is nervousness that is holding them back.
Nervousness = FEAR! The fear of failing, being shamed - almost a fear of dying! The singer who prepares well will 'know what is going to happen', that they will be safe and that they will not 'die'!

These are some thoughts on what confidence really is - that I wrote a few years ago.
It's on a poster on the wall of my studio where I teach.

Being confident is not about being ‘really hopeful!

Confidence comes from KNOWING what is going to happen

FEAR comes from NOT knowing what is going to happen.

Knowing what is going to happen comes from COMPETENCE!

COMPETANCE comes from practice!

Constant repetition of WHAT WORKS leads to true confidence!

Geoffrey B!!!

So learning the techniques of singing will assist you in getting control of your voice. Then you will 'know what is going to happen' when you sing. (This will also assist you in dealing with 'nerves')
Then you will truly be a 'confident' singer!

Practice is everything.
The famous story of the tourist in New York asking a local for directions:
"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The local replies, "practice, practice, practice!"