Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
and the How, When and Where?

Being able to read music or play a musical instrument
will probably be useful but is definitely NOT necessary! 

'Scared Beginners': As well as working with professional 'working singers', I have a particular passion for working with beginners, especially those who may be very scared of singing, or are doing singing as 'a personal growth' exercise for building self esteem / confidence etc. Some clients also work with me as a preparation for doing 'up-front' speaking and presentations in corporate environments.  more>

Where does Geoffrey teach?
Sessions are conducted in a friendly 'home' environment
at my flat in Elwood, Melbourne. See maps

What should I bring with me to my first session?
Beginners - Experienced

Recordings: You DO NOT need to bring a recording device with you to make recordings to practice with at home. I have all the facilities for making high quality practice recordings for you. They can be burnt to CD or copied to your USB stick in class, or downloaded from my website
(Dropbox) after the lesson is over. However, if you wish to record the lesson itself, that is fine, but bring your own recording device.
You can also request customised versions of your songs
that help you work on 'just that tricky bit'

How do I work with you?
My teaching style is personal, adaptable, and customised to your needs and preferences! I prefer that YOU as the client, be in control of the process and be very active in making choices about how and when we work.  As well as making sure you 'know the notes' by making customised practice recordings for you, I'll introduce you to vocal techniques to help develop and strengthen your voice.

Building confidence / Assisting 'nervous' singers.
Confidence is about 'knowing what is going to happen' when you sing, and that comes from good training, practice and experience. Nervousness comes from the fear of the unknown and the 'expectation of disaster!'     > more

Audition Preparation? A specially! I have worked with all sorts of singers:  from opera singers through to heavy metal vocalists! I suppose the majority of my clients though, would be singing contemporary and classic pop songs, or musical theatre songs or jazz standards. I also work with people using their own original songs or using unusual, alternative vocal styles. To see lists of song titles that other clients have worked on with me, see my YouTube channe or  Search my Sheet music library. 

How much? My rates are $70 (AU) an hour. This usually includes the making of all complimentary custom made personalised recordings for practice at home. **   I place a high emphasis on students having appropriate recordings to practice with at home, especially if they don't play keyboards.

How long are the lessons?
I prefer hourly sessions rather than 1/2 hour, even if that means people come less often.  (I am not really convinced that an appropriate rapport can be established, and detailed work accomplished in 1/2 an hour. In keeping with my client-centred approach, we can do a 1/2 hour if that is what you really need. Sessions can be booked for almost any time. If you book for sessions during business hours, you are more likely to get the time you want.  Most evenings, and weekends during the day are available. I do not see clients every hour on the hour, "sausage factory style"! so if you need to adjust your lesson time at short notice, I can probably accommodate you.

More on the complimentary rehearsal recordings
To help you learn quickly, and get your money’s worth, I will make complimentary practice recordings for you to work with at home.
It will be a little bit like having me on the piano in the corner at home working with you!
I will make recordings of me playing the song on the piano, (or a multi-instrument backing track) with the notes you have to sing played loudly on top, so you can really hear them.
Practice them every day, or whenever you can, and you’ll learn the songs really quickly!

Yes, you can sing them in the car, but be careful!
It is probably not a good idea to listen to them when you’re still learning the song, but once you know the song pretty well, and you want to go over and over it again just to keep it in your head, there is no reason why you couldn’t sing along with it in the car, but keep it safe.
Don’t get distracted!
Singing in the car is fine to just check that you know the words, and you still have the tune in your head. More subtle aspects of vocal technique cannot be practised in the car. They require you to be standing and giving full concentration.

Tax Deductions / receipts
Some clients may be able claim tax deductions for skills development, voice production work etc. Check with your boss, union, workmates, or accountant to see if this may apply to you!  If you regularly perform any sort of 'presentations', telephone work or other activities that involve the voice as part of your paid work you may be able to claim your sessions with me as a tax deduction!  (That would be nice wouldn't it?) Rather than written receipts at the end of every session as it wastes valuable lesson time, I prefer to provide yearly tax statements or on request. But you can request a group of receipts whenever it works for you. Just ask!  

"I'm looking for a teacher? How do I know who is right for me?"

**Recording projects may attract an out of hours fee for more complicated customised backings or music transcriptions etc. See Transposing sheet music.