Your personalised backing tracks/rehearsal recordings.
For beginning singers and experienced professionals

To help you make the most of your session times with me, it is my practice to make high-quality personalised rehearsal recordings for you to work with at home. It is a bit like having "me in the corner" playing the piano for you. It means that you can play a song over and over again, in exactly the right key, to help you learn the notes, the rhythm, the appropriate style, in order to become familiar with the song. They are custom made to suit your needs so that they subtly guide you as to how to sing the song correctly.

Your backing tracks can be burnt onto CD for you in class, or if you bring a USB flash drive, they can be copied onto that immediately in class, or else as most clients are doing these days, you can download them from my Dropbox account later. Any recording we make in class is usually available immediately, online.

Your backing tracks are left online for a long as you need them so you can always access older recordings should you need them. I may do a clean out every now and again but even then they can usually still be reposted by me.

In some circumstances, people can stream them online from the website, but I would suggest that you always download them yourself, burn them to CD, or put them into iTunes and then onto your iPhone or whatever other device you might be using. To get the most out of them though, make sure play the recordings on a suitable device with proper speakers. I. e.. Using headphones from an iPod, or using just the speaker on an iPhone is not really a great idea. At least make sure you have an iPhone/iPod dock with good speakers, or else play them through your home stereo system. Audio connection cables are freely available that can usually connect your device straight to a standard home music system. The idea here is that you can hear the recordings at exactly the same volume you hear me playing them in class.  Feel free to ask for more advice.