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I can make customised recordings that will help you learn your harmony parts!

If learning harmony parts is difficult for you, you know how uncomfortable it can be trying to "keep up" in rehearsal. Wouldn't it be great if you could do some work at home, when you are not under pressure, where you can practice at a slower pace, and then turn up at rehearsal with the notes pretty much "under your belt" and ready to go! Quality customised recordings can help you here!

Using multi-track recording software, I can produce versions of the same song with different emphasis. These recordings can be used in order, starting with recordings that teach you the notes of your part, through to recordings that "test" you singing your part against other parts in the choir.

1. As an example, we might start with a recording with just the rehearsal piano part (if there is one) with your harmony part played very prominently and loud "up the front" to help you learn the notes and rhythm of just your part.
2. We could progress to a recording of the piano part only, to test yourself without the support of hearing your line played.
3. And on to other recordings as required, perhaps featuring other harmony parts, so that you can practice blending your part in with the other voices. Eg: if you are an alto, a recording with just the soprano part. Then maybe a recording with just the tenors and the basses. Any combination that you need right through to a final recording that has everything in it, except you!

This means that you can simulate the rehearsal/performance situation singing your part but in the comfort of your own home space, without the pressure of the public rehearsal.