The Techniques of Singing

(You may not understand these until I can explain and demonstrate them to you)

- Certain breathing techniques - 'supporting the voice'
- Learning where you should breathe in a song and where you should not!
- Posture (ways of holding various parts of your body while you are singing)
- Learning what NOT to do! Removing defensive habits and physical mannerisms that stop the voice from working as efficiently as it can
- Learning about the role of the soft palate in singing
- Learning how to "place your voice" in your head
- Learning how to shape vowels and consonants
- Learning how to sing smoothly - linking all the words of the song. 'Phrasing'
- And learning how to "perform" a song. Understanding the emotions of the song, and how you can project them using body language: where you look, how you hold your hands, all those sorts of things. This is where we cross over into the world of acting!

- And there are many more!


Students often tell me that one of their goals is to develop 'confidence' with their singing.

How do you do that?