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Is there a libretto or synopsis? etc:
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Some thoughts on the state of the American Musical!!

I have some librettos / synopses already.
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If you know what song you want to do but don't have the sheet-music in your key, OR you need a recording of it in your key to practice to, I can do this at reasonable rates. (I am also an audition pianist as well as a singer) We can even email it around the world!! Exciting eh? >email me What is a libretto or synopsis?
    Here are some listings of songs that might be suitable for AUDITIONS.
I am arranging them in a number of categories corresponding to the typical requirements of audition panels.  (see below)
(AUDITION panels are always asking for particular songs, in particular styles,
 depending on the show they are auditioning for.)
Or you can go prospecting. I have a page listing all the songs in my database marked as MUSICTHEATRE. (It is a largish file, so be patient!) 
** Why not go looking for something new or something you had forgotten 
or hadn't thought of!  

Over the years. I have put together a number of categories from which they seem to ask for songs. There is a link to each category with a page of titles that loosely match this requirement, and some show titles that explain the style. The most common requirement: 'Sing us an UP-TEMPO   and / or a BALLAD'
     (This could be anywhere from Oklahoma, Sweet Charity, 
Phantom of the Opera to Grease. -- It is always wise to ask for more information!)


    =   link is under construction, stay tuned. In the mean time, 
            try the general show tunes list or the TOTAL SONGRISE catalogue 
'Sing us something from a pop / rock musical'   (JC Superstar, Rent,
Chess, Beauty and the Beast, Godspell, Boy from OZ,)
Sing us something from a 'JAZZ -based' musical  
'Sing us 'something a bit classical'  (Phantom, Secret Garden, 
Les Miz - Cosette, King and I,)      
 'Sing us a JAZZ standard.'   
'Sing us something that is more character-based  
        (something that shows acting ability)
 'Sing us a dance orientated song' 
 'Sing us a popular song'   
Children's audition songs
These are not complete lists be any means. Only the 'tip of the iceberg'.
A libretto is basically the 'script' of a musical. It usually contains the lyrics of all the songs and the dialogue of spoken scenes, (if there are any -  some shows are 'through-composed' - meaning there is music happening all the way through; All 'dialogue' scenes are set to music.

A 'synopsis' is simply an informal description of the story. what happens to who and where?  This will usually include details of how and where the songs fit into the story.     >>  back to TOP