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your customised practice and backing tracks 24/7!

..or I can burn them to CD for you. Your choice!
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Learning the names of the
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> A helpful PDF
Want to join a choir? 
Karina Gough's page about Melbourne and Geelong choirs

"The Carnegie Choir" is a choir of relative beginners that I lead. We meet at the Carnegie Library on Wednesday nights. Email me for more information
Local Music shops
near Elwood


iii Get involved!
Local Amateur Music Theatre - Melbourne
Basic Acoustics.
How does Sound happen?
On line theory lessons

What does 'key' mean anyhow?
'Modes' ?? What do they mean?
Sheet music printed
in your preferred keys. Reasonable rates! Contact Me!

Relevant links for singers:

The Neutral Vowel 'X'

The Laban Process 
Want to print out some blank sheet music? (manuscript paper) What the hell is an opera anyhow?
A page about
'you know who'
- including a 'Singing Manual' he co-wrote!
Don't have a piano at home, and you need a 'starting note', or you want to play that 'difficult bit' of a song you are working on?
 Try Online 'virtual pianos'
Professional Computerised
Backing Tracks

MIDI files If I don't have it, Visit Midi King, approx $14 each!  What is a midi file?
How do you make a sound recording of a midi file? Customised MP3 backings
Audio Video Repairs? Melbourne:
Jim is a wonderfully enthusiastic, reliable, honest fellow, willing to 'go the extra mile' to do a good job for you.
 >> HERE

Music 'Dictionary'- a glossary of musical terms. Did I use a word in class you didn't understand, and you were 'too afraid to ask'?? This may help. ---or ask me next time!!
Music dictionary glossary
(and some silly musical terms we ought to have!)

Want to do some acting classes?
I recommend...

Hearing problems? (Australians)
Free hearing test over the phone: 1800 826 500

Tax receipts You may be able to claim your sessions with me as a TAX DEDUCTION
See FAQs page

VMC is very near my place in Elwood!
An established company that for many years has produced classical 'backing tracks', for rehearsal purposes. (eg. piano Concerto recordings, with full orchestra but without the piano part). They have now branched out into Broadway Shows and popular songs, but still with a leaning towards Classical material. One of the few places where I can go if I'm looking for Classical backing tracks.
  'Alice' The Film
The Power of Music!
The Mozart Effect? Does it work? Music Therapy stories
Researching Broadway Musicals?
'Musical Heaven'
Australian Music Website - Lists of online Music retailers. including Sheet music / CD / Second hand / digital downloads and more!
Music Education for Preschoolers and toddlers?- Penny and Lucy Adeney
How fast / slow should that music go?

On-Line Metronome