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How to use the database search tool:
Type the word you are looking for in any of white boxes.
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Leaving any field blank means
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e.g. Leave 'song' field blank, type Oklahoma in the 'Show' field
 and you'll get ALL the song from the musical Oklahoma) 
    You can search by:
    - 'Title' (song) 
    - 'Show'    (Musical, Film show, TV show, album)
    - 'Artist' (composer or particular performer) 
    - 'Category'   (a certain type of song or theme - explained)
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The results of your search will be displayed in a spreadsheet format.  

So... typing 'rain' in 'SONG'  will produce songs with 'rain' in the title. 
OR... typing 'Beatles' in 'ARTIST' will bring up lots of Beatles songs, but not ALL.  (see NB below)  
OR... typing 'Phantom' in 'SHOW' will produce songs from all musicals/ films with that word in the title of the show.
OR... typing 'baby' in 'SONG' and leaving 'SHOW' blank, will produce songs from ALL shows/ films with BABY in the title.

"HELP! How can I search for a song when I'm not sure I have the title right?"

NB: When using the 'Artist'  or any of the other option boxes.  your results may not be VERY complete.
I don't always get around to assigning a composer / artist to EVERY song in the database! 
(I have other things to do with my life as well!)  So just because your favourite Beatles song
doesn't come up when you type 'Beatles' doesn't mean I don't have it! - Try the 'song' (title) search )  or email me.