My mission is to be part of empowering ALL people to
'find THEIR voice' - in their own way!   
Frightened Beginners are especially welcome!
Learn to sing / speak in a safe, supportive environment
Previous musical experience definitely not necessary! 
'Come as you are' - No audition process.
FREE customised rehearsal backing tracks to help you practice at home!
Older beginners / 're-starters' welcome!
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The Million dollar frequently asked questions:
"Can you teach me to sing? >
How long will it take before I sound any good?" >

Advanced practical methods. Vocal Stamina  >More
**Audition preparation, a specially!
** Sheet music transposed to YOUR key! reasonable rates.
** Working Performers:
FREE personalised rehearsal recordings in your key! > More
Some random thoughts:
What to look for in a singing teacher - The pitfalls
How you should approach the experience - How I approach teaching
"I'm looking for a teacher? How do I know who is right for me?"