How can I search for a song in a 'TITLE' database 
when I'm not sure if I have the CORRECT title? 

Well, you may have to do a bit of detective work: 

1. Try entering the words you DO KNOW into Google,
along with the word 'lyric' if you like.
(That will help narrow the search and see what comes up.
Lyrics posted on the Internet are often not quite correct,
but they may lead you to what you are looking for)
2. Same as above, but on YouTube
3. Do you know the name of the artist /composer / band /
associated with the song?
Try searching on their name
and see if you come across something that prompts your memory. 
4. The various Performing rights and Copyright organisations
maintain on-line databases that can be searched by author,
performer, and title. This may be helpful.
 5. I am happy to search my personal 'memory banks'  Contact me!
Happy Hunting, Geoffrey