Looking for something to sing?
What have other clients been singing?
Clients often ask me to suggest songs that would be appropriate for them to sing. At times, to teach certain techniques I will certainly suggest particular songs depending on where you are as a singer. Because it is important to me that you actually like / want to sing a song that I suggest for you, you need to hear it first! This can waste a lot of time in class as we listen to songs.

As a means of saving time, I have created some YouTube playlists containing recordings of songs that have been recently sung by my clients,
all chosen as suitable for teaching purposes.
(You can also check this list)

These YouTube playlist are here to just jog your memory about songs you might like to sing, and to inspire you to search further on YouTube. These lists are not complete. Feel free to ask about other songs you discover elsewhere. I'll probably have the sheet music for them.
Don't let the performance in a particular clip limit your interest in a song!
My choice of clip for a song, does not reflect how I would prefer you to sing the song or anything like that.... just use them to see what you can find!

Some of the playlist names:
Popular-contemporary - all eras
'Great American song book' eg. Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jazz standards
Musictheatre - Contemporary and Classics
'Classical styled' contemporary songs
Rock, Latin, Country, Opera, Folk-contemporary and classics

I'm still adding to the lists but
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