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Various Head shots below:

My Fair Lady pix from the New Zealand season Location shot from 'Darlings Of The Gods' (ABC) 1988: darlings.jpg (120106 bytes)  Shooting scenes supposedly on an ocean liner:
 Ah! The romance of location filming. Stuck on a barge going round and round Port Phillip Bay for about 14 hours looking for 'open sea' backgrounds on a freezing cold Melbourne day!!
(pre CGI days!)
Location  shot

colour.jpg (33761 bytes)

- locatrion shot

bedroom.jpg (198675 bytes)

An oldie from the  late 80s.  
 Around the agency,
they used to call it the
'bedroom eyes' pic!!

  mwfm.jpg (21751 bytes)

From publicity still for cabaret - late 90s
(bit blurry - an enlargement
   -- just to show I can scrub up well)

  Geoffreys moody PIC.JPG (16614 bytes)

A 'rough trade' look. 
A Strange one - 80s. 
Taken during a workshop of a show.


  new headshot.jpg (5129 bytes)

Head shot - 80s.
A 'nice young dad' look
for commercials!

  colour 90s.jpg (10076 bytes)

90s location shot!