My Fair Lady PIX

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My Fair Lady -- Aotea Arts Centre --
 Auckland --  New Zealand 1992
Me and Janet All of a sudden, I scored the lead role of Professor Henry Higgins in the New Zealand revival of My Fair Lady. (NZ had not had a professional production of this musical since the original Australian cast toured there in the sixties)  The 'biggest' show in New Zealand that year, it was quite a coup for me. Big budget, top quality cast and orchestra etc. This still was taken from a series taken during the publicity  tour that the management flew us over for. Appearing with me here is the lovely and fabulous Janet Booth (also from Melbourne) who played Eliza to my Henry. A delightful woman to work with -- a clear true soprano who could portray the 'down and dirty' Eliza of the gutters with great gusto,, and also transform herself to the 'queen' of the ball -- a feat few sopranos are able to carry off.
Publicity shot of me Another shot from the publicity tour. The costume was a hastily constructed simulation of what Henry would probably be wearing for the opening Covent Garden Scene.  The actual  costumes had not  been made yet. We did lots of interviews for local and NZ press generally and did fittings etc. --  A very enjoyable 2-3 days or so of being treated like stage 'royalty'!!!!!
That famous moment in the finale! A production still. Last scene. Henry has just collapsed into despair at the end of  'I've grown accustomed to her face' where he finally admits to himself the depth of his feelings for Eliza and his despair at losing her. Alone in the house, he plays a recording of her first meeting with him.  Eliza appears and stands silently behind him. This pic is the exact moment he sudden realizes she is there as she says, 'I washed my face and 'ands afore I come, I did'  Henry walks hesitantly towards her, the hardest few yards of his life, as the curtain falls.    Did Henry and Eliza kiss after curtain-fall? You'll never know!!!!!!